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The Semetis Game

Last season, hundreds of students embraced the Semetis Game challenge, and two winners emerged as Semetissians ready to make their mark. Now, it's your turn to step up and take on the ultimate test of talent and determination.

This year, we joined forces with the famous Profilers. Their mission? Discover the extraterrestrial talents that will elevate Semetis to new heights.

We're not just looking for an employee; we're seeking someone out of this world.

Semetis Game 3.0 - Let your career lead you where no one has gone before

Life at Semetis

Who is Semetis

Semetis' story starts in Brussels, March 2009. Two Googlers Gabriel Goldberg and Nicolas Debray noted that the media world and sector was suffering from the digital age. They launched Semetis advocating an evolution to consulting. Their vision was to build the best in-class data-driven marketing agency, by understanding the evolution of technology and putting data at the center of everything to better serve the advertiser. Today Semetis is the Belgian leading digital media agency.

At Semetis we look after our people. The Semetissians. A three-day team building trip abroad, for which the destination is voted by the Semetissians during the yearly Christmas dinner is standard. The Semetissians take some time out for reflection to become better. The imperative at Semetis is not to double down and work - don't stop to think, just drive forward. We also offer a Headspace account, free yoga classes, wellness massage, monthly team activities and we have a Board of Sports supporting the mental wellbeing and resilience of Semetissians. The “Work From Anywhere” program allows all Semetissians to enjoy geographic flexibility, completely untethered to an office, during Summer months.

Next to that, Semetis is pioneering in emerging technology such as artificial intelligence. Innovating with adtech, got Semetis winning many awards. It is a testament for our Semetissians that their work is among the best in the industry. It has been this theme of constant reinvention that makes Semetis stand out as a beacon of positive change.

Semetis Trip

Every year the Semetissians take some time out for reflection to become better. The imperative at Semetis is not to double down and work harder - don't stop to think, just drive forward.

The format? A three-day team building trip abroad, for which the destination is voted by the Semetissians during the yearly Christmas dinner. This year, we went to Madrid, reflecting on how we can magnify our edge.

where dit semetis go

Semetis going places

Look from where Semetissians worked this year


Winning the job

How did Lynn win the job

Lynn joined Semetis in July 2022 as a Digital Business Analyst after winning the first season of Semetis Game. She graduated from the University of Hasselt in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing. During her years at UHasselt, she discovered a special interest in digital marketing and wanted to take on a new challenge that sparked this interest. The search for this challenge brought her to Semetis where she can further develop herself.

More than 300 students signed up for Semetis Game in 2021. Twenty lucky young graduates were carefully chosen to play the game. Five students passed the mysterious assessment test. But only one won a contract to become a Semetissian and her name is Lynn.

“Lynn has the intellectual curiosity we are looking for at Semetis. She stood out in Semetis Game because of her problem-solving skills, her brief, and bright answers, and her curiosity to drive forward.” explains Jennifer Hubert.

Consultant & Senior Consultant

How are Eliott & Seb experiencing consultant life

Meet Eliott, Digital Business Consultant, & Sebastiaan, Digital Business Senior Consultant, at Semetis. Both joined the company as young graduates. Eliott graduated from Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management and worked as a brand management trainee at Nestlé before joining Semetis. Sebastiaan was able to develop his expertise and grow his responsibilities within Semetis fast, by working with start-up companies. Today they lead several international clients: managing client relationships, problem-structuring, optimizing client processes, developing business opportunities, and go-to-market strategies. Aside from being responsible for moving clients up the data-driven marketing maturity curve, they have clearly a lot of fun.

Leading the agency in 7 years

Leading the agency in 7 years

“For me Semetis is like jumping of jumping off the cliff and learning to fly on the way down” says Dhan, Managing Director of Semetis. She went from joining the company in an entry-level position to leading the agency in only 7 years. Semetis has never followed the approach of hiring externally that alienates so many staff. The company hires only existing employees for open roles. Due to her innovative thinking, her strive for excellence, and her energy that brings people together willing to pioneer, Semetis has been recognized numerous times for its forward-thinking. She got the chance to share that on stage at several industry events, through publications, and by giving guest lectures at numerous universities.

Becoming an entrepreneur

“Semetis has changed my life” Julien explains. Semetis has helped Julien becoming an entrepreneur. Advancing your career from the bottom to the top in less than 10 years is no easy feat, but it's not impossible. For Julien, Semetis was an important springboard to his career. Straight out of school, he joined Semetis in 2014. In his experience, Semetis was the perfect business school allowing him to launch his proper company in 2021. Julien is now co-founder and Managing Director at Human37, which is the first customer data strategy agency in Belgium.

Data Scientist

How did you start at Semetis? Do you see the evolution since your arrival?

I started my journey at Semetis as an intern. At the time, I was in charge of data, and in particular of initiating a marketing mix modeling project at Semetis. This is a complex algorithm that analyzes the impact of marketing campaigns on customer performance, both in digital and traditional marketing. After 6 months, management offered me the chance to start a permanent contract at Semetis, which seemed obvious given the projects on offer and the great atmosphere in the team. I accepted and started as a junior data scientist. Since then, the Untangled team has evolved to be able to take on a multitude of projects, which makes things even more interesting.


Senior Consultant

How did you start at Semetis? Do you see the evolution since your arrival?

I started at Semetis as a Digital Business Analyst after my studies. I studied economics but I always had an affinity with marketing and more particularly with digital marketing. By doing some research, I very quickly found Semetis and I was hired in September 2018. Since my arrival at Semetis, I have evolved a lot. I became a consultant after 2 years and then a senior consultant. During these years, I had a lot of opportunities to learn and grow, whether in terms of hard skills or soft skills.



How did you arrive at Semetis? Do you see the evolution since your arrival?

It might be surprising but I started my career at EY in financial services. After nearly 3 years, I was looking for a completely new challenge. Digital marketing was always in the back of my mind. I decided to completely pivot my career path, which felt like a big risk, as it meant starting from scratch at Semetis as a Digital Business Analyst. I knew that going through the basics is what I needed, but I counted on my consultancy experience to be able to fast-track in the organization. And it clearly paid off !



Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

'm Doriane Magnus, Marketing Director at Kiabi Belgium. I’m in charge of the omnichannel marketing strategy & operations for Kiabi Belgium, a French brand of low-priced clothing for the whole family (Mulliez Family Association).


Describe your job. What makes it challenging and exciting?

I am very lucky to have a broad range of projects and to explore as much the data science part than the data engineering part, which are usually different positions. At Semetis, I can combine both and really explore the data world through different aspects and technologies. On one hand, I am there to help the different teams collecting and cleaning data. And on the other hand I rework data, analyse them but also automate those steps to help our team and clients leverage actionable insights. Everyday comes with new challenges, from scaling our data pipelines to improving the quality of our advice through relevant analyses and complex dashboarding.

What does a typical day within the Untangled team look like?

At Semetis, everyone starts the day with what we call the “morning coffee”. During this time, Semetissians focus on their clients' data to ensure everything is running smoothly. Within Untangled, we have a slightly different routine. We start our day with our “daily dev” meeting. During this meeting we align on what will be our main focus for the day. Usually we focus on one main project per day to avoid losing time while switching in between the projects. Once it's done we start working on those projects which vary from a small data assistance for some teams, a short-term analysis for a client to longer projects of several weeks or months to help our clients on a certain aspect of their data.

Which type of project are you working on?

Our team works on 4 pillars: MarTech Implementation, Data Management, Marketing Analytics, and Marketing Automation. On my side, I focus more on the Data Management and Marketing Analytics pillars, even though when automation requires scripts, I help there as well. Our analytics pillar usually consists of manipulating and reworking data to let our team leverage insights. It can sometimes be linked to the automation pillar when the analysis needs to be recurring in time. One of our main projects in this pillar consists of measuring the impact of offline advertising on the online results. We work closely with the team to provide them the data and the format they need in order to analyze and interpret the offline impact on the online traffic.

What is the project you are most proud of?

In a recent project, we tackled our client's challenges arising from managing intricate and voluminous data. Their struggle to assist clients prompted us to combine marketing and in-house data, crafting a sophisticated dashboard to offer insightful answers. Our approach involved a detailed understanding of the client's data landscape. We then devised an efficient solution, proceeded to collect, clean, and integrate the data into BigQuery, ensuring accessibility. The final touch was automating the process, providing daily dashboard updates for real-time insights. This streamlined approach not only resolved immediate concerns but also allowed our clients to have updated data everyday to analyse in their dashboard.

What is the business impact of the Untangled team for Semetis?

We play an important role in managing tasks that not only facilitate the workflow of various teams within Semetis but also extend our capabilities to developing projects that go beyond the conventional scope of 'normal' Semetis work. This diversified engagement not only enriches our skill set but also empowers us to provide more comprehensive assistance to our clients. Whether it's addressing marketing challenges or delving into the intricacies of data management and analytics, our expanded skill repertoire enables us to meet a diverse range of client needs effectively.

How is Untangled collaborating with the other Semetis teams?

As we have various pillars we can collaborate with the other teams through different ways. It can go from supporting them in their strategic meetings, vision or small analysis to work together on long-term data related projects. But it can also simply be automating a recurring task to allow them to have more time to focus on their main tasks. In the end, we are almost always collaborating with the other teams.

Why do you think Semetis is a great company to grow your business skills as a Data Scientist?

As I said earlier, the fact that I can combine several sides of data through a broad range of projects is a real added value for my skills. Furthermore, we quickly get responsibilities which help us grow. Semetis really supports us and listens to our needs. This means that they will rather encourage us to develop our knowledge and discover new technologies than push us to stay in our scope. At Semetis, everyone is encouraged to develop their skills but more importantly everyone is allowed to try and to fail, as long as we learn from it.

Describe your job. What makes it challenging and exciting?

My job as a Senior Consultant revolves around 3 pillars. First, the business. I am responsible for challenging and achieving the client's objectives and making them grow. I am also increasingly involved in Semetis' business. For instance, I work on pitches to get new clients and I'm part of the recruitment team. Secondly, I am the right hand of my manager. I help spot opportunities or threats regarding our client portfolio but also team members. I help my manager to set up processes and structures to make all the members of our team evolve. Finally, as a Senior, I also have a responsibility to create and keep good relations with our clients. I ensure that we maintain a good quality of service.

How does your job differ from an analyst job? What are your key responsibilities?

When you start as an analyst at Semetis, you have a very fast learning curve. Indeed, during the first months, there are a lot of operational tasks to accomplish. The main objective is to master all the advertising platforms we use. As a senior consultant, you are much more involved in strategic thinking and decisions. You have a leadership role and you must set a good example. You are also responsible for client's satisfaction, their growth and the achievement of the objectives. On the other hand, you have to guide your team members to help them progress within Semetis.

Which aspects of the consulting role do you prefer?

What I like about consulting is the fact that we really work in partnership with our clients, as an extension of their team. For this, it matters to have a transparent relationship and to remain flexible. It is also important to be involved in strategic thinking in order to be able to give them the best recommendations to help them expand and develop. We also like to explore new solutions on the market to have a pioneering position and work on exciting projects with our clients.

Which skills do you feel you need to be promoted to senior consultant?

To become a senior consultant, I had to go through many stages since I started at Semetis. I think that in the different skills that I accumulated during my first years, those that are essential to become a Senior are structure, business mindset, proactivity and involvement.

What do you like about working at Semetis?

What I really like about my job at Semetis is the learning curve. Indeed, from the first weeks, you quickly have responsibilities while always keeping the support of your colleagues. Semetis offers us many opportunities to grow. There's a lot of knowledge sharing to make sure we are always up to date, but we are also pushed out of our comfort zone. The last element that I like is the team, we are all young and dynamic people. We like to do activities together, afterwork, picnics, sport sessions, etc. which allows us to have a great atmosphere during work.

Over a period of 5 years at Semetis I had the opportunity to evolve through the many roles Semetis offered. As an Analyst, I learned to master digital advertising platforms of all types at a fast pace, deep- dove into analytics and tagging, and managed multiple clients in various industries. Growing into my consultant role, I learned to look at the big picture marketing strategy of my clients while steering colleagues to deliver excellent service quality. Stepping up to my current role, team Manager, I continue to learn daily. I empower a team of 10 Semetissians, making them grow as Business professionals while overseeing >€2,2 million in turnover.

Describe your job. What makes it challenging and exciting?

As a Manager at Semetis, I'm responsible for overseeing a team of 10 people, helping them to fulfill their potential while meeting business needs. From a team point of view, this means team organization, people development and critical thinking. From a business point of view, it is about leading the team's business and operations with a focus on business growth, acceleration, and activation of new services.

The fast-paced and continuously changing environment that defines the digital industry creates a challenging context. I need to make sure my team can adapt and remain on top of their game. This comes down to support, sometimes push (laughs), the team going out of their comfort zone, so they can learn and explore new areas which they need to manage the various projects they face every day. But to be honest, that's what makes it exciting as well ! There is no routine at Semetis, it is never the same job.

Could you describe the Semetis culture and how you share it with your team members?

At Semetis, it's all about involvement. We encourage everyone to always understand, question and challenge what is being asked from you. We believe that the best way for a Semetissian to deliver service quality is to deep-dive in each project and make it their own. We have seen over the years that having ownership is key in the development of skills and experience. That's also why we give responsibilities early in their career. Leading a project or even a client after “only” one year is not an exception at Semetis.

How do you support/guide your team in their professional development?

Many initiatives are put in place at Semetis. As a manager, I have recurring touchpoints with each team member to discuss their evolution and more importantly their blocking points. Each Semetissian has growth pillars to focus on, helping them to evolve within the company. It is thus my responsibility to guide them in completing those pillars by putting in place individual milestones. It is quite challenging to customize a growth path for each of them, but it's so rewarding to then see them grow as a professional !

Which type of project are you working on besides managing your team?

That is what is really amazing at Semetis ! You have the opportunity to explore so many facets of the job. While my main focus remains on the team, I'm involved in various tasks, such as developing client relationships, being involved in business development (pitches) and most importantly, shaping the organizational structure of the company and thinking about the future of our services, together with the Management team.

What makes a good Semetissian?

A good Semetissian is full of energy, involved in their work and wants to explore new projects in order to grow as a professional. In my experience, the Semetissians that really flourished within our company are the ones that understood from the start that, as long as you can cover your basics, you can explore every learning opportunity and Semetis will always support you all the way, so that you can develop as a Business professional !

Why did you join Semetis in the first place? What attracted you?

I joined Semetis in 2012. At the time I was a Project Developer at Nielsen in market research. I was already in the marketing world, in its most traditional, least digital expression. And clearly I wasn't having fun anymore (if I was having fun at all). It was obvious to me that I had to move. And the Semetis opportunity came along. It ticked all the boxes: I wanted to expand my skills → Semetis was and still is the best school there is in terms of digital media and web analytics. I wanted a dynamic, agile environment, with a great work atmosphere → Semetis was only 3 years old, it was still a real start- up. And even if by definition, it can't be called a start-up anymore, it still has all the features today!

How did you start at Semetis? Can you explain your evolution within the team until your departure?

I started as a consultant. At that time there were no analysts, so everyone started as a consultant, even though in reality we were all analysts. :-)

I had the chance to evolve quickly, first as a senior consultant, then as a manager, then as a customer service director and finally as an executive / managing director.

A quick career path, but I am far from being an exception. Semetis is one of the few companies that gives everyone the same opportunity. Everyone is 100% in control of their own destiny. Everyone starts with exactly the same chances to evolve. If you demonstrate your abilities, if you prove yourself, you will evolve, there is no doubt about it (towards a managerial position, towards an expert position, there is more than one possible path).

Can you highlight some of your key moments at Semetis?

Complicated to choose! I feel like my entire Semetis experience has been a Key Moment. Having the chance to share incredible cases in front of hundreds of people at large national conferences is definitely one of them. It was both incredibly stressful and at the same time so thrilling and rewarding for the team!

How can I not mention all the team buildings and especially the annual team buildings abroad? I think that the most beautiful company decisions were taken during these trips and that the most beautiful personalities were also revealed.

Can you explain how your journey at Semetis built your current career?

Semetis is an incredible school. At school, you learn hard skills. And it is obvious that the expertise acquired at Semetis in terms of digital leverage is absolutely useful to me every day (to challenge campaign management, to make better budgetary decisions, to build better 360° media campaigns, etc.). At school, you also learn soft skills. And here again, this acquired logic of constantly relying on data or the fact of breaking down silos and systematically working in a multidisciplinary team, are all soft skills I acquired at Semetis and which I use every single day.

Where did Semetis make the difference with other players? Both in terms of services offered and in terms of employer?

I would say that this can be summarized in 3 axes:

Culture: strong values of openness and sharing. An unfailing curiosity that drives each Semetissian with a real passion for entrepreneurship. This goes hand in hand with an HR culture that was not very present at the beginning of the Semetis story but which has been able to grow and evolve. Today, each Semetis employee is surrounded, listened to and supported.

Work methodology: collaborative, without silos, multidisciplinary and encouraging leadership / ownership / empowerment.

Excellence: Semetis is not only a school, it is the school of excellence. Every subject is mastered. Newness and learning (together) are never a barrier. The Service Level Agreement that forms the core of how Semetis serves each customer is certainly not innocent to the fact that so many historical customers are still partners today.

What was the importance of the acquisition in 2015 by Omnicom Media Group?

In 2015, Gabriel Goldberg and Nicolas Debray, the two founders of Semetis, announced that Semetis was about to join one of the largest media groups in the world: Omnicom Media Group. After the euphoria of the announcement, we are inevitably afraid: will we manage to keep our unique culture? Will we manage to maintain our way of working without silos and multidisciplinary when, on the contrary, our sister agencies have teams organized by expertise? Will we be able to maintain our level of excellence? To ensure service without being drowned in new processes? The answer is a resounding yes to all of these questions. On the one hand, the autonomy of Semetis was never questioned, and on the other hand, joining the OMG group turned out to be an incredible opportunity. Before joining the group, a large majority of Semetis' digital advertising activities were focused exclusively on SEA. Thanks to the group, Semetis was able to gain access to other DA levers, to meet all the Belgian advertising agencies and especially to arouse their interest, and finally to compete, not without demerits, with other large media groups and to convince “premium” advertisers to join the agency... Semetis has made a giant leap forward. Semetis' DA services would never be where they are today without the Omnicom Group.

What would you like to share with our future candidates?


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